SNP Pasta Board - Flowers

The SNP flower pasta board has been handmade in Australia by master woodmaker, Warwick. Each piece is hand carved in Jarrah, a wood that is native to Western Australia. Each piece is unique and features the words Saturday Night Pasta hand engraved on the back. Wood grain will vary piece to piece. 


The board can be used for a number of different pasta shapes including cavatelli, malloreddus, garganelli, gnocchi and many more. The flower print also makes a gorgeous pattern on flat egg pasta. 

SNP Pasta Board - Flowers

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  • Cavatelli Board

    Material: Jarrah - Native Australian Wood
    Oil: Food grade 
    Size: board 6cm wide x 12 cm long. Total length 20cm
    Weight: 90g

    Each piece is handmade and therefore there may be slight variants including the wood grain. 

    Each piece comes with a Saturday Night Pasta hessian bag for safe-keeping and protection.