Saturday Night Pasta features 40 delicious and modern pasta recipes. The book includes a simple egg dough and a semolina dough recipe which covers a wide range of different pasta shapes. It also features step-by-step guides to making these pasta shapes. 

Below is a sample of three of my favourite pasta recipes. I've recommended my favourite pasta shapes for the sauce to be served with – both fresh and dried. Traditionalists might disagree, but it’s what I like, and Saturday Night Pasta does not come with a set of rules. 

A shellebration this Christmas


Chicken gravy, brussel sprouts



Burnt butter, tomato, hazelnuts



Broccoli and feta ragu


Cavolo nero, garlic, egg yolk

Calamari ragu

Basil pesto and ricotta ravioli, lemon butter

Fresh tomato, goats curd, basil

Spiced tomato, panko crumbs

Ham hock, eggs

Chicken and mortadella agnolotti

Bitter greens with pork crackling

Bloody Mary lamb, kale

Anchovy, garlic, capers, green olives

Mixed mushrooms, optional bacon crumb Smoked trout, lemon cream, pink peppercorns

Clams, fermented chilli, toasted garlic

Chicken gravy, crisp brussel sprouts

Chicken meatballs, tomato and lemon broth

Mussels, cherry tomatoes, fennel

'Nduja, mascarpone, preserved lemon

Slow cooked pepper beef ragu

Some more recipes you'll find in the book include:

+ more

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