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‘This is not a dramatic tale of overcoming incredible adversity or surviving some kind of disaster. No loves have been lost, no hearts broken. This is a rather ordinary tale, of finding myself and forming a ritual of self-care that I like to call Saturday Night Pasta.’


Saturday Night Pasta teaches self-care through the humble act of making pasta, with stories, mantras, step-by-step guides to different pasta shapes and 40 delicious, modern recipes. 

 "Lizzie is the real deal, a passionate cook who has found a tonic to help deal with our stressful modern world"


"Impressive, inspiring and charming – and you end up with Saturday night dinner. This book is so right for our times"


"Ever on the pulse of the zeitgeist, Elizabeth Hewson’s Saturday Night Pasta hones in on more than a love of our favourite carb: substantial foods that take time to perfect are nourishment for the soul in times of uncertainty, giving us far more than just a full and happy stomach"